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Earn It, Own It

The Disruptive Agency Model
Where Top Insurance
Producers Are Finding
Freedom, Wealth, And Their
Dream Life


IF you work for a traditional insurance agency or broker, you’re probably leaving millions OF DOLLARS

on the table along with the opportunity to script the dream life you’ve always wanted.  You’re forced to attend time-wasting meetings and have little control over your time or compensation. 

Management can alter your commissions or move the goalposts whenever it suits them. Even worse, your job can disappear, taking your clients with it.  To thrive, you need to break those corporate bonds.  


Earn It, Own It is your road map to independence.  Within the book, Insurance Office of America Vice President Bruce Johnson reveals how you can become a sales entrepreneur, have an equity interest in your book of business, earn significantly higher commissions, scale your business through partnering, and spend more time with family.


He also demonstrates how a culture of faith, family, and teamwork will serve you far better than one of arbitrary competition.  If you’re a self-motivated hard worker who is open to new information and ideas, this book is for you.  You owe it to yourself to learn about IOA’s entrepreneurial business model.  It’s the first step to transforming the way you do business—and revolutionizing your life. 

Book Reviews

Check out some of our actual reviews on Amazon

"The IOA Model is truly unique in the insurance industry.  For highly motivated self-starters, it is definitely the way to go if you want a career in insurance sales.  Bruce has done a marvelous job of clearly outlining the many advantages of the IOA Business Model.  One of the most attractive aspects is the collaborative..."

 - Rob Irvin, President - Irvin Consulting, Inc.

"For the experienced insurance producer, "Earn It, Own It, is a must read.  I worked for 2 large insurance companies and 3 different insurance agencies prior to coming on board with the IOA Family.  Bruce Johnson does an incredible job covering all the bases with examples & facts about one of the top insurance agencies..."

- Bill Massaro, Past President Independent Insurance   

  Agents of Greater Tampa

"Bruce's wealth of knowledge is truly impressive.  He presents his points about the industry thoughtfully and clearly and in a way that anyone can appreciate and understand."

 - Sophia Renee, Owner Seahorse Digital Media

"Bruce does a great job explaining the IOA culture from his experience and multiple other producers that have made the move to join IOA.  If you are thinking about starting a career as an insurance agent, or you currently are a producer thinking about making an agency switch, this is a must read."

- Bryce Knuth, Commercial Risk Advisor

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